With Nothing Left to Lose, Rex Ryan Runs with Bulls in Pamplona (Video)

rex ryan running of the bulls pamplona

How do you get New Yorkers to root for the Bulls? Send Rex Ryan to Pamplona.

Ryan has been vacationing with his family in Spain for the last week, presumably trying to rest up for another gruelling, frustrating, and embarrassingly futile New York Jets season. Then on Sunday, and then again on Monday, he decided to take part in the historic Running of the Bulls in the streets of Pamplona.

Seriously. This was confirmed by the New York Jets themselves.

So why did he do it? Well, some news outlets are assuming that it was just something Rex has always wanted to cross off his bucket list. However, the sad reality is that he was probably just trying to impress Mark Sanchez. After all, we know the guy has a pretty strange infatuation with his dreamy quarterback. I bet Sanchez just mentioned one time that he thought the Running of the Bulls was super cool, and Ryan was like, “Oh yeah, me too. Totally.”

Of course, as you’ve probably surmised from the fact that the headline to this post didn’t read “Jet Coach Gored to Death by Bulls in Pamplona,” old Rex managed to escape his bovine adventure without injury. In fact, the same is true of just about everyone running with the bulls this year. Apparently only six people were injured, and nobody was gored.

Sorry, Jets fans.

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