This Large Man Celebrated the USA’s Independence with an Epic Slow-Motion Belly Flop (Video)

slow motion belly flop

In the world of diving, one of the primary goals, in addition to proper acrobatic technique, is to cut through the surface of the water like a knife, splashing as little as possible. However, in my opinion, this aesthetic is downright un-American.

As little as possible? What is this, France? Forget that. Give me as much as possible. I want a freaking tidal wave. Give me belly flops!

And don’t come back at me with, “oh, but belly flops aren’t graceful and athletic,” or, “obesity is a serious health epidemic.” Have you ever seen a truly great belly flop in slow motion? They’re downright majestic.

See for yourself:

I don’t know who this guy is, but I know that his name is Timmy, and that he performed this gorgeous flop last Thursday in honor of ‘Murica’s 237th birthday.

Timmy, you are an artist and a patriot.

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