Behold the Worst Bunt Attempt in Baseball History (GIF)

worst bunt ever

I don’t know much about Japanese baseball, but I have seen the 1992 classic Mr. Baseball, starring Tom Selleck. And if that movie is correct, then Japanese baseball players are extremely loyal to their teams, always willing to subjugate their personal self-interest for the greater good.

This explains the bunt attempt you are about to see. During a recent game between the Yokohama Bay Stars and Yomiuri Giants, Stars infielder Kensuke Uchimura found himself in a very unenviable situation. With his team up by a run in the top of the 9th inning and runners on second and third, his manager decided to call a squeeze play in an attempt to tack on an insurance run. However, either this is a common strategy over in Japan, or the Giants are just really intuitive, because they correctly guessed that the squeeze play was on and called a pitch-out.

Uchimura was then forced to make a difficult decision: just take the pitch-out and risk the runner on third getting picked off, or make a complete fool of himself and pull the baseball equivalent of seppuku.

He chose the latter, diving across the plate to take a stab at the pitch. It was a selfless act, but also pretty much the worst bunt attempt ever. Take a look:

uchimura worst bunt ever

Say what you want about Uchimura, but the guy definitely puts the team first.

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