Justin Bieber Gets Picture with Stanley Cup in Blackhawks Locker Room, Can’t Stop Being a Douche Long Enough to Enjoy It

justin bieber with stanley cup

Three years ago, after the last time the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup, Canadian pop heartthrob Justin Bieber happened to be performing on NBC’s Today Show on the same day that the Stanley Cup was there. So the kid got to have his picture taken while holding hockey’s Holy Grail.

Did anyone mind? Not at all. Back then, the Biebs was just a nice kid with goofy hair who made tween girls go bananas with his goofy winks and high-pitched singing. It was hard to begrudge him for his stardom.

These days it’s a different story. Over the last year or so, we’ve watched Biebs transform from a harmless kid to an epic, leather t-shirt-wearing douche who gets into fights with his neighbors because he peels up and down his street in his Ferrari. So does this dude deserve to even be in the same room as the Stanley Cup? No.

However, apparently the Chicago Blackhawks marketing department think they have a big, untapped market in teenage girls. So when the Biebs stopped by the United Center on his current tour, they let him have a photo opp with Lord Stanley’s Cup.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of Bieber with the Cup in 2010 and Bieber with the Cup in 2013:

justin bieber with the cup

The younger Biebs clearly looks happy to be holding his home country’s most revered cultural artifact. As for the older Biebs on the right, he appears to think he is way too cool to let on that he gives even the slightest f**k about the Stanley Cup.

Way to go, Blackhawks.

Hat Tip – [Yahoo! Sports]

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