Golden State’s Kent Brazemore Will Have His Enthusiastic Courtside Celebrations Immortalized in ‘NBA 2K14’ (Video)

kent brazemore

This year, Golden State Warriors rookie Kent Brazemore didn’t see a whole lot of playing time. However, he still managed to make a name for himself with his exceedingly enthusiastic sideline celebrations, and now there’s word that all of his cheerleading has finally paid off.

No, Brazemore isn’t going to be playing a larger role on the team just yet. The big payoff I’m talking about has to do with NBA 2K14. The world’s number one basketball video game has decided to really amp up their simulation of NBA sideline activity, so they’ve tapped Brazemore for the job.

That’s right. Kent Brazemore’s antics are getting motion-captured.

Take a look:

I suppose most basketball players would probably rather be immortalized for their play on the court. But it’s not easy to become a superstar, and most guys need to be happy with whatever they can get.

So congrats to Kent Brazemore, and look for more of this in the fall, when they release NBA 2K14:

kent brazemore celebration dance 1

Hat Tip – [Ball Don’t Lie]

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