Odin Lloyd Murder Accomplice Says He Was Told Aaron Hernandez Did It

carlos ortiz

If Aaron Hernandez didn’t like the fact this his “friend” Odin Lloyd was talking to people he had problems with, he sure as hell is not going to like the fact this his other “friend,” Carlos Ortiz, told police that Hernandez shot Lloyd in an industrial park near the former Patriot’s house.

Of course, this time there is nothing Hernandez can do about his friend’s betrayal, being behind bars and all.

According to court documents released Tuesday in Florida, Ortiz confessed to police that Ernest Wallace told him Hernandez had shot and killed Odin Lloyd. Apparently all four men were riding home from a club together in a rented Nissan Altima when Hernandez confronted Lloyd about the fact that he was talking with the wrong people that night. However, according to Ortiz, the two men seemed to work the problem out and even shook hands afterward.

Then the Altima stopped in an industrial area, ostensibly because Hernandez, Lloyd, and Wallace had to take a leak. Those three got out of the car, leaving Ortiz inside. Then there were gunshots, and only Hernandez and Wallace returned. Later on, after the remaining members of the group got back to Hernandez house, Wallace asked Ortiz to go retrieve a small handgun from underneath the driver’s seat. He complied, and then went to sleep.

The next day Ortiz and Wallace drove back to Bristol, Connecticut. That’s when Wallace confirmed what Ortiz must have already suspected—that Hernandez shot and killed Lloyd.

Let’s hope for Mr. Ortiz’s sake that his murderous friend doesn’t have any other buddies in prison that owe him a big favor, because we already know the ex-football player doesn’t tolerate betrayal kindly.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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