9 College Basketball Coaches Who Failed in the NBA

college basketball coaches who failed in the nba

Last week, the Boston Celtics continued their major offseason overhaul by making the bold decision to hire Butler coach Brad Stevens to replace Doc Rivers.

Now, Brad Stevens was quite possibly the most highly regarded coach in the NCAA, and no one doubts his acumen with the Xs and Os. However, there are stark contrasts between the NBA and NCAA. It’s only logical to wonder whether Brad Stevens can make the adjustment from the coach-centric college game (where the players respect you because you’re the one who brought them there) to the player-centered NBA game (where millionaire players think the coach must earn their respect).

Personally, I think if anybody can make the jump from college to the NBA successfully, it’s Stevens. However, history suggests otherwise. College hoops coaches have not fared well when moving to the NBA over the years, and the among the NBA casualties are some pretty big names.

Like who? Well, that’s the topic of today’s list. Take a look.


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