Fan Takes Anthony Rendon’s Homer Off the Face (Video)

Anthony Rendon homer to the face

Every time I attend a Major League Baseball game, I can’t help but wonder how we don’t see more fans suffer injuries, or even die, from balls flying into the stands.  After all, if a professional like Twins left fielder Oswaldo Arcia can be the victim of a ball-to-the-face on a lazy fly ball, you’d think fans would be much more likely to suffer the same fate one a regular basis, what with all of the hard hit balls that are sent out of play each game.

But the fact of the matter is, there aren’t.  And when it does happen, rarely is the injury of a serious nature.  Usually it’s nothing more than a ding on the head that we can all laugh at.

Let’s hope that was the case last night, when a Phillies fan was struck in the head by Anthony Rendon‘s solo shot in the fifth inning off of Cliff Lee.

Check it out:

Hopefully he sustained nothing more than a headache and a little bump on his noggin, because that didn’t look pretty.

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