Little Dutch Kid Leads PSV Eindhoven Chants Like a Boss (Video)

kid leads dutch soccer fans in chant

When I was a kid, my friends and I would always try to start chants at baseball games, and we were never successful. One time we almost started the wave, but that’s about it.

The reason for our failures? We were kids, and thus, we simply were not loud enough or drunk enough to inspire the masses. Also, the stuff we tried to get other fans to chant was stupid. (No grown man wants to chant “PI-CHERS BUTT STINKS!” over and over.)

However, there is one little soccer fan in the Netherlands who does not know the frustration I knew as a child. At a recent pre-season game between PSV Eindhoven and Eindhoven FC, he managed to silence the unruly mob behind the goal and then orchestrate a pretty badass series of chants—all while perched atop his dad’s shoulders.

Take a look:

When this kid grows up, he’s either going to be a wildly successful political leader, or the world’s most vicious soccer hooligan.

Let’s hope it’s the former, and not the latter.

Hat Tip – [101 Great Goals]

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