Joakim Noah Celebrates Goal in Charity Soccer Game Like He Just Won an NBA Championship (Video)

joakim noah goal celebration

Poor Joakim Noah didn’t have the best year with the Bulls. Sure, they made the playoffs. And sure, they beat the Nets in seven games before succumbing to the Heat. But the season, for the most part, was dominated by one story: when the f–k would Derrick Rose get his ass back in the lineup? And you have to figure that refrain got pretty old for the Bulls’ second biggest star. After a year of doom and gloom, Noah really needed something to celebrate.

Enter the Steve Nash Showdown, a celebrity soccer game benefitting the Steve Nash Foundation (which in turn benefits “children everywhere”). Noah took part in the New York event back on June 26, which pitted Team USA vs. Team World. And playing for Team USA, Noah scored the winning goal in a 9-7 victory. Then he celebrated like he’d just won an NBA Championship.

Take a look:

I imagine that’s also how he’ll celebrate when Derrick Rose finally does decide to play basketball again.

Hat Tip – [The Score]

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