Streetballer Puts on Spider-Man Suit and Shows Off His Skills (Video)

street baller the professor dressed as spiderman

Back in May, while filming scenes from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in Manhattan, Andrew Garfield decided to kill some time on the set by shooting hoops with some kids on a basketball court in Chinatown—while still wearing his Spidey suit. It made for quite the memorable scene.

Well, apparently a street baller who goes by the name “The Professor” saw that video and thought, hey, that’s a great idea. Because he recently put on a Spider-Man suit of his own and went to the public court to show off his skills.

So who was the better Spidey-baller? The Professor, of course.

Take a look at The Prof’s Spidey-ballin’:

If you’re looking for a way to impress a bunch of little boys at the playground, well, here you go.

However, I don’t recommend trying to impress a bunch of little boys at the playground. Someone is going to think it’s weird and call the cops.

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