Lionel Messi Stood Up Fans Who Paid $2500 Just to Meet Him (Video)

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When Lionel Messi announced that he’d be spending a good part of the soccer offseason touring America with some of his international soccer pals in order to raise money for charity, that sounded like a brilliant PR move. They could sell regular tickets to people who just wanted to sit in the stands, and they could sell premium VIP packages that would include meet-and-greets and autographs for super premium prices—and everything would go to benefit the starving African baby seals with malaria, or whatever.

Unfortunately, pretty much everyone involved with Messi’s charity tour is grossly incompetent. The match scheduled for Los Angeles was cancelled altogether, and the one that took place in Chicago on July 6 was a complete fiasco.

What happened in Chicago? Well, for starters, about half the 35 international soccer stars who were supposed to show up for the friendly game of footy didn’t show up. Thus, organizers had to scramble to get some amateur players from Northwestern University just to fill out the rosters. Then, apparently Messi left the match with at least 20 minutes remaining.

Finally, and worst of all, those fans who bought VIP packages? Yep, he stood them up.

As you would expect, folks were not happy. One of the most not happy people was a guy named Tony Sherwood. He paid $5,000 so his 9-year-old son could meet his idol. But he says that, after being told that Messi was on his way and then waiting for two hours in a room underneath Soldier Field last Saturday, a representative finally came into the room and dropped the bomb on them: Leo wasn’t coming.

Apparently tour organizers have promised all the VIP customers would get full refunds, since none of them got the thing they wanted most. But unless they can turn back time and unbreak the heart of little 9-year-old Hudson Sherwood, that’s just not going to cut it.

Want to see some really sad sh*t? Watch little Hudson talk about his disappointment in this video from NBC Chicago:

Come on, Lionel. Make this right.

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