Rajai Davis Gives Us the Worst Swinging Strike of the Year (Video)

rajai davis terrible swinging strike

It’s been a good week for terrible baseball. On Tuesday we saw a epic bunt fail. On Wednesday we saw an outfielder catch a pop fly with his face. And on Thursday we saw a fan catch a home run ball with his face.

So what do we have for you to close out the week? How about the worst swinging strike of the year.

It comes to us courtesy of the Blue Jays’ Rajai Davis. The guy has been having a pretty good year in Toronto.  He’s hitting .289/.337/.384 and is 24 for 27 in the stolen base department. In a word, he’s been a little ray of sunshine in the otherwise stormy Toronto Blue Jays season.

However, on Thursday afternoon in Cleveland, Rajai swung at a pitch that hit the dirt about one and a half feet off the plate. It was brutal.

Here’s a close-up showing exactly where the ball hit the dirt:

rajai davis swing closeup

And here’s the video:

Yep, that’s rough.

Rajai, you’ve had some good moments this season, but that wasn’t one of them.

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