Tigers Fan Throws Back Home Run Ball, Almost Hits Center Fielder Torii Hunter (Video)

torii hunter almost hit

The tradition in many major league ballparks of throwing back home run balls hit by the visiting team is nice and all. However, I must admit that, unless the ball were hit by, say, Alex Rodriguez, I would quietly put any home run ball I caught in my pocket and quickly head for the exit. Traditions are great, but so are once-in-a-lifetime souvenirs.

Now, the fans around me would probably give me a hard time. But the players on the field? I bet they’d appreciate my selfishness. After all, it means they wouldn’t have to dodge the ball when it got thrown back onto the field—like Torii Hunter had to do in Detroit yesterday.

In the top of the 8th inning, the Chicago White Sox’s Alejandro De Aza cracked a solo shot into center field off reliever Phil Coke and, as per the custom, the fans in the bleachers peer-pressured the guy who caught it into throwing it back. Problem is, after a few beers, those folks tend to throw a little wild, so the ball nearly hit the Tigers’ $13 million center fielder.

Have a gander:

The lesson? If you want to keep your souvenir, just do it. Who cares what the other fans think. They’re drunk.

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