IndyCar Racer Sebastien Bourdais Demonstrates Why You Don’t Make Sports Trophies Out of Delicate Crystal (Video)

sebastian bourdais breaks trophy

Somebody over at the crystal trophy factory has some explaining to do today.

On Saturday, after finishing second in the first race of a two-day double header at the Hondy Indy in Toronto, Sebastien Bourdais got up on the winner’s podium to accept his prize—a huge crystal bowl. Unfortunately, after being handed the lovely trophy and lifting it up next to his head, it quickly became apparent that the bowl was not in fact attached to the base, as one would have assumed. Thus, it fell off, hit the table, bounced twice on the platform, and then…crash.

RIP second place Honda Indy trophy. We hardly knew ye.

Take a look:

I have to say, for a guy who just spent an entire hot summer afternoon inside the cockpit of a race car in a helmet and heavy jumpsuit, Bourdais still had a pretty good sense of humor.

Of course, he was probably consoled by the fact that the trophy was just a token. The real reward for his solid performance was a big paycheck.

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