Was This Gentleman at the MLB Futures Game Performing Fellatio on His Beer Bottle? (Video + GIF)

guy doing oral on beer bottle mlb futures game

Do you hate Mondays? Yeah, me too, especially in the summer, when you just spent the weekend by the pool/at the lake/sitting in front of a fan in your underwear, drinking beer.

But trust me, you could have it a lot worse today. After all, unless you’re the guy in the following video, you didn’t have to go in to work today and have your boss ask why he saw you on TV performing oral sex on your beer bottle at the MLB Futures Game.

Yep. Not kidding. Here’s the video:

Aaaaaand here’s the obligatory GIF:

bud fellatio

So what do you think was going on here? Seriously, I want your opinion. Did he have an itch at the back of his throat? Was he having an intimate discussion with his girl/boyfriend about their love life and felt the need to resort to pantomime? Did he lose a bet?

I supposed we’ll never really know. We’re all just grateful that’s not us all over the internet, fellating a bottle of Bud.

Hat Tip – [Barstool Sports]

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