Angry Race Car Drivers Gets Dragged Around the Track By Another Driver’s Car (Video)

race car driver dragged

If you thought NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers we feisty, you’re going to love NASCAR regional modified series drivers. While the boys in the big league tend to take part in nothing more than a lot of shoving, name-calling and Twitter-bashing, in NASCAR’s smaller, regional competitions, they’ll get right out of their cars in the middle of a race and confront each other.

Just look at what happened on Saturday night at the legendary Bowman Gray Stadium in Winton-Salem, North Carolina. After a little run-in during the O’Reilly Auto Parts 100, which is part of NASCAR’s K&N Pro Series East, driver Mike Robertson got out of his car right there on the track and went over to Derek Stoltz to give him a piece of his mind. Unfortunately, just as Robertson grabbed on to the car, Stoltz decided that he’d rather not deal with any of that nonsense and started to take off.

The result? Robertson was dragged along the race track and flung into the wall. Sure, there was a caution flag out at the time, but that’s still messed up.

Here’s the incident from one angle:

And here it is from another:

The craziest part might just be the fact that, after almost getting pulverized against the wall, Robertson actually got back up and started to resume his pursuit of Stoltz.

Thankfully track security was there to make sure the stupidity came to an end.

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