Pouncey Twins Wear “Free Hernandez” Hats at their 23rd Birthday Party (Photo)

pouncy brothers free hernandez hats - closeup

I know this is America, and people are innocent until proven guilty and whatnot, but this is ridiculous.

On Saturday night, the NFL’s Pouncey twins—that is, Mike Pouncey of the Dolphins and Maurkice Pouncey of the Steelers—threw themselves a little party at some classy nightclub to celebrate their 23rd birthday…with strippers. That, of course, is no big deal. Pretty standard stuff for rich young athletes. What is a big deal was their choice of headwear. You see, the Pouncey twins decided to make a major fashion statement by expressing support for their former Florida Gators teammates on their hats.

That former teammate, of course, is Aaron Hernandez—the guy who “allegedly” executed one of his friends last month and is now in jail awaiting trial.

Obviously, these two gentlemen have every right to express their beliefs and opinions. However, from a PR standpoint this was a pretty bad choice. The evidence is really stacked against Hernandez, and even the most impartial observers have to admit that he’s probably guilty. So “FREE HERNANDEZ” hats make them look like a couple of major scumbags.

Moreover, the hats are pretty problematic from a legal standpoint as well. All they do is remind everyone that they are associated with an extremely troubled man with a history of violence. More specifically, they remind everyone that their names came up in another unsolved Florida shooting from 2007 that also involved Hernandez.

In other words, wearing these hats basically tells police, “Hey, investigate me!”

And they will.

pouncy brothers free hernandez hats

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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