Watch Bartolo Colon Accidentally Slap Some Kid Silly at the Home Run Derby Last Night (GIF)

colon slapping kid

It’s always fun to see all those famous baseball players hanging out with their cute kids at the Home Run Derby. Makes the guys seem like real people and not just a bunch of rich, entitled prima donnas. However, I have to admit that it also makes me a little uncomfortable. I’m always just a little worried that one of those cute little kids is going to get run over or hit by a ball or something, right there on national television.

Well, at last night’s Home Run Derby, we did see a little kiddie casualty. However, it wasn’t the kind I always feared. After Yoenis Cespedes finished his dominating performance, his Oakland teammate Bartolo Colon came over to give the 2013 champion a big old bear hug, and in doing so he accidentally smacked some kid in the face. Hard.

Take a look:

See? That’s why you have to be careful when you bring your kids to the ballpark. Danger lurks everywhere.

That being said, this particular kid is actually lucky he just got smacked and not dowsed with barbecue sauce and eaten by Bartolo Colon. Have you seen that guy recently? I don’t think the man has ever met a pork chop he didn’t like.

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