Bud Selig Talks About A-Rod and Steroids With David Letterman (Video)

bud selig on david letterman

David Letterman is not an investigative sports journalist, but he’d probably make a pretty darn good one if he ever decided to give it a go.

That probably seems doubtful at the age of 66, but the late night talk show host did put his investigative reporting skills to the test on Monday when he sat down with MLB Commissioner Bud Selig.  Unfortunately, not even the stiffest line of questioning from Letterman could get Selig to spill the beans on whether or not Alex Rodriguez would be suspended after the All-Star break for steroid use.  But that certainly didn’t stop a persistent Dave from trying.

You can watch Letterman pepper Selig with questions regarding steroids in baseball and Alex Rodriguez in the video below:

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