There Was a Really Lame Fan Fight Behind the ESPN Desk at the Home Run Derby Last Night (Video)

fan fight home run derby 2013

At last year’s Home Run Derby in Kansas City, there was a pretty amazing fight up in the stands involving a number of fans who treated us to some very unorthodox kung fu kicks and punches. It would be a tough act to follow for fans at the 2013 Home Run Derby. However, you would think Mets fans, of all people, would be up to the task.

Not so.

Last night there was indeed a fan fight at the 2013 Home Run Derby at CitiField in Queens, and it was caught on camera by ESPN because it occurred right behind their talking (fore)heads.*  However, there were no karate chops or kung fu kicks. It was just a big guy with a gut trying to ram his head into some other guy, and it was so lame that the people around them barely even noticed.

Take a look:

I don’t want to seem like an advocate for violence. However, if you are going to do something, do it well. If something some guy does at a baseball game enrages you so much that you feel you must resort to a physical display of force, make it count. You’re going to get arrested either way.

*Seriously, what was up with Mike Piazza‘s gigantic forehead last night? It barely fit in my television screen.

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