Matt Harvey Takes to Streets of New York to Ask New Yorkers What They Think About Matt Harvey (Video)

marr harvey asks new yorkers about matt harvey

You ever find yourself asking how in the hell do those people at the Daily Planet not realize that Clark Kent is Superman? Why a simple pair of glasses and a suit somehow obfuscates the mild mannered reporter’s true identity?

Well, the following video demonstrates that this famous comic book premise is actually a bit more plausible than it seems.

With the 2013 MLB All-Star Game taking place at New York’s CitiField this week, Jimmy Fallon decided to have a little fun with local baseball fans by taking Mets pitcher Matt Harvey, the hottest ballplayer in the city and the starter for the National League All-Star Team, and having him go around asking New Yorkers what they think about Matt Harvey.

I’m not going to spoil it for you, but let’s just say that, out of context and without the hat, people do not immediately make the connection.

Matt Harvey isn’t just an awesome pitcher. He’s also got some pretty good comedic timing.

And come one, admit it. There are athletes you like that, nevertheless, you might not recognized in person. Maybe it’s not Matt Harvey. Maybe it’s Yasiel Puig or Chris Davis. But you know what I mean.

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