Ultimate Warrior Featured in Intense WWE 2K14 Commercial (Video)

ultimate warrior wwe 2k14

In most instances, the objective of a commercial is to attract the attention of the viewer, and in some cases, nothing does that better than something that is loud and intense.

That was probably the thought process that inspired the creation of 2K Sports’ WWE 2K14 commercial, starring the most intense wrestler that World Wrestling Entertainment has ever seen, the Ultimate Warrior.

The Warrior’s appearance in the commercial is no coincidence, as he has also been included as one of the legendary wrestlers that players will be able to fight with, or against, when playing the video game.

You can watch the commercial for WWE 2K14 below.  Just don’t be surprised if the Warrior scares you into buying it once it’s released on October 29.

Hat tip – [joystiq]

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