9 Ways to Improve the MLB All-Star Game

ways to improve the mlb all-star game

Tonight is the 2013 MLB All-Star Game—the only one of the major pro sports all-star games that is at all worth watching. However, if Major League Baseball isn’t careful, they might just see this venerable and historic event turn into a pointless circus just like the NHL, NBA, and NFL.

Now, I’m not saying the All-Star Game shouldn’t be lighthearted fun. Of course it should. But you can still have fun while playing a real baseball game. And these days, with the oversized rosters and constant substitutions, the ASG is not a real baseball game.

Today, therefore, I present you with a list of ways to improve the Midsummer Classic. Do I have anything to say that hasn’t been expressed before in one way or another? Probably not. But I did come up with them based on my own observations on and frustrations with the MLB All-Star Game, then I took the time to write them down and make this list. So take a look. Maybe you’ll agree with me and come away with a newfound sense of baseball enlightenment. Or maybe you’ll disagree with me and attack my intelligence in the comments section. Either way, you’ll get something out of the experience.

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