New ESPN Commercial Finally Explains Why Rickie Fowler Dresses the Way He Does (Video)

ricky fowler espn commercial

Rickie Fowler turned pro back in 2009 and has just two professional wins to his credit. Nevertheless, even if you just barely follow professional golf (i.e., you kind of pay attention when they talk about it on the sports recap on your local news), you have probably heard of him.

Why?  Well, yes, he does show some promise. The kid is still just 24-years-old and may have some wins ahead of him. But the real reason you’ve probably heard of him is because Fowler has established himself as one of the most avant-garde (some might say gaudy) dressers in golf today.

So why does Fowler dress the way he does, often decked head-to-toe in neon colors? Presumably because that’s just his style. However, this ESPN commercial posits another theory. Take a look:

ESPN may be annoying as hell to watch, but they still make excellent SportsCenter commercials.

And hats off to Fowler. It takes a real man to be able to poke fun at yourself in order to make others laugh. You have to respect the guy for this.


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