Sometimes Soccer Players Forget that Kung Fu Kicks Are Illegal in Their Sport (Video)

soccer player kung fu kick

Someone remind me—are soccer players allowed to perform flying kung fu kicks on their opponents?

Oh, that’s right. No. Kung fu kicks are illegal in soccer. But, of course, that doesn’t mean they don’t still happen.

Last week in Peru, just 13 minutes into a second tier match between Alianza Universidad and Deportivo Municipal, Alianza forward Willington Smith went for a 50-50 ball at midfield, arrived first, kicked the ball away, and then decided, hey, what the hell, let’s just kick this guy in the face for good measure.

See for yourself:

Fortunately, the referees at this match were well-versed in soccer’s strict “no kicking of the face” rules and immediately gave Smith a red card. Thus, nobody was beheaded.

That was not the end of it for Smith, however. He received a 14 match suspension for his violent actions, which seems about right.

Hat Tip – [Dirty Tackle]

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