Is This Clip of Brady and Tebow Talking About Aaron Hernandez Two Years Ago a Big Deal? (Video)

tebow and brady talk about aaron hernandez

How desperate are sports fans for some kind of NFL news? So desperate that people will make a big deal out of just about anything having to do with Tim Tebow and his connection to alleged murderer Aaron Hernandez.

A few weeks back, people were making a big deal about how Tebow once tried (and failed) to prevent his Florida Gators teammate from getting into a fight at a club. Now they’re making a big deal out of some passing remarks Tom Brady made after a game against Tebow and the Broncos in 2011.

You see, after Brady and the Pats pounded Timmy’s Broncos back on December 18, 2011, 41-23, he and his Holiness met up and exchanged sportsmanlike pleasantries like the gentlemen that they are. And while doing so, Brady mentioned the troubled Hernandez.

Here’s the video of the encounter, with the pertinent part coming at the 1:20 mark:

In case you couldn’t quite make everything out, here’s what was said:

Brady: And I’m trying to watch over Brandon [Spikes] and Aaron [Hernandez].

Tebow: I appreciate that too, man. They are good guy.

Brady: They’re a lot to handle.

Tebow: Absolutely.

Does any of this mean anything? Like anything at all? Nope. It’s not like Brady went to Tebow and said, “Dude, I think Aaron Hernandez might murder somebody,” and Tebow replied, “yeah I know, right?”  Rather, they were just talking about two guys that liked to party. And it just so happened that one of them liked to party and shoot people. It’s really a non issue.

But, like I said, people are desperate for any kind of NFL news, so the internet is having a minor field day with this.


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