DeSean Jackson Made a Rap Video with Snoop Dogg, and It’s Only Kinda Terrible (Video)

desean jackson rap video with snoop dogg

Well, at least now that horrendous touchdown celebration fail won’t be the only embarrassing thing people remember about DeSean Jackson.

The 26-year-old Eagles wide receiver has decided that he doesn’t just want to be a football player who has never won anything. He also wants to be a rapper. So somehow, despite the awful track record of athletes-turned-rappers, he recruited the Dogfather himself, Snoop Dogg, to perform on his debut single, “Diamonds on My Neck,” as well as appear in the video. ‘

Now, the song itself isn’t the worst thing you’ll hear this summer. And Jackson is actually an okay rapper. He might even have potential. But he’s not there yet, the song isn’t very good, and the video is 100% cheese, making use of every rap video cliché in the book.

Have a look:

See what I mean? It’s not really good, but compared to most rapping athletes DeSean Jackson looks like Jay-Z.

Of course, I’m sure Eagles fans wish DeSean was more worried about putting diamonds on his finger instead of rapping about the diamonds around his neck.

Hat Tip – [For the Win]

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