Watch Jon Hamm Nail His Opening Monologue at the 20th Annual ESPY Awards on Wednesday Night (Video)

jon hamm hosts espys - opening monologue

Last night, ESPN held their 20th annual ESPY Awards ceremony in Los Angeles, and doing the honors as host for the occasion was Hollywood stud and huge sports nut Jon Hamm.

Now, Hamm isn’t a comedian per se. He’s an actor who became a superstar for his very dramatic role in AMC’s Mad Men. However, through memorable appearances on 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live, the guy has demonstrated that he knows how to make people laugh. And he did so again during his opening monologue. Hamm kicked it off with a great joke, got a little edgy further in by making cracks about Dwight Howard, Manti Te’o, and Ryan Lochte, then wrapped things up with a very thoughtful comparison between his line of work and the world of sports.

He gave us lines like this:

“I mean I feel bad for Te’o, but let face it. Fake internet girlfriend or real girlfriend who goes to Notre Dame? Pretty much the same amount of sex.”

And then he gave us lines like this:

“Missy Franklin wins four gold medals, breaks world records, charms the world, then returns to high school? Even the Disney Channel would think that’s a little much… So as someone who works in drama, I’m honored to be in a room with people who live it.”

Talk about range. Take a look:

Excellent work, Jon Hamm…You are reading this, right?


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