17 GIFs of Fans Running onto the Field

fans running on field streaker gifs

We’re not supposed to like it when fans run onto the field and interrupt sporting events. We’re supposed to be perturbed and indignant and call these people “idiots” and “morons.” But the fact is, we (i.e., the majority) do seem to like it. Sporting events aren’t sacred religious ceremonies. They’re, uh, sporting events. And of all the fan field invasions I’ve written about or witnessed in person over the years—and I’ve written about and/or seen a lot—not once have I seen a negative reaction from the crowd. On the contrary, the crowd always cheers. So maybe you think I’m crazy, and that most people don’t secretly enjoy fan field invasions. But thousands of people who actually witness these things in person beg to differ.

So why do I bring all this up? Because today I present you with this list of GIFs featuring fans running onto the field. Go ahead and criticize me for glorifying these idiots if you want. But nothing I do here on the internet can encourage these people more than the cheers they receive from 30,000 fans in the stadium.

If, on the other hand, you don’t take everything so seriously, go ahead and enjoy your guilty pleasure. It’ll be our little secret.