Here’s Brian Scalabrine Rasslin’ Some Leprechauns (Video + Pics)

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So what has the great Brian Scalabrine, aka the White Mamba, been doing with himself since retiring after the 2011-12 NBA season? I have no idea, actually. But apparently minor league baseball club owner Drew Webber is concerned about him, because he recently held a promotion called “Put Brian Scalabrine to Work Night.” And he didn’t just hold it once. He held it twice. At two different ballparks. On consecutive nights.

Oh, and on both nights the White Mamba ended up wrestling African American little people dressed up as leprechauns…because, obviously, it was also “Irish Night.”

Drew Webber, you see, owns both the Nashua Silver Knights, a summer collegiate team, and the Lowell Spinners, the Class A-Short Season affiliate of the Boston Red Sox. On Thursday, July 11, it was “Put Brian Scalabrine to Work Night” at the Silver Knights game, and on Friday, July 12, it was “Put Brian Scalabrine to Work Night” at the Spinners Game. So if you happened to be at either one of those games, then you saw the White Mamba selling programs, making announcements on the PA, and of course, engaging in some tomfoolery with a couple of little people.

Here he is using his decided height advantage in a game of musical chairs:

And here he is in the ring, which apparently was out by the bullpen during the Silver Knights game:

scalabrine wrestling black leprechauns

Sadly, Scalabrine won’t have much time for this sort of thing anymore, as the guy is no longer employed. Last week he was hired as an assistant coach by the Golden State Warriors.

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