Watch Boxer-Turned-MMA Fighter Holly Holm Knock Her Opponent Out with a Kick to the Head (Video)

holly holm kick ko of allanna jones

For someone who just came from a sport where kicking is not allowed, Holly Holm sure is good with her feet.

On Friday night, at Legacy FC 21 in Houston, the former pro boxer had her first fight since turning to MMA full-time, and she definitely made the most of the new tools at her disposal. Taking on the 5’4″ Allanna Jones, who is a relative newcomer to MMA herself, the 5’8″ Holm delivered a nasty kick to the head of her opponent midway through the second round that knocked Jones out cold.

Take a look:

These two women may not be the most exciting fighters in women’s MMA today, but a knockout kick to the head is always entertaining, is it not?

And how about that nice display of sportsmanship, too, with Holm making sure Jones was okay, and Jones having the presence of mind to shake Holm’s hand in defeat? That’s good stuff.

Hat Tip – [MMA Junkie]

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