Jose Reyes Gets Hit in the Groin by Pickoff Attempt (Video)

reyes hit in nuts by pickoff attempt

The Toronto Blue Jays were the most-hyped team in baseball coming into the 2013 season, with numerous pundits picking them to return to the postseason for the first time since 1993. Unfortunately, with the exception of an 11-game winning streak that brought them into the realm of respectability, it’s been nothing but disappointment so far.

However, the second half of the season offered a slim ray of hope. The AL East-leading Red Sox are having some major pitching problems right now, and the geriatric Yankees can’t keep anybody healthy for more than two or three at-bats. Hell, they can’t even convince A-Rod to leave his nursing home in Florida.

The Jays, meanwhile, were opening the second half with a 10-game home stand, and if they could manage to start off the second half with a sweep of the Rays, their biggest division rivals right now, they might have a shot after all.

But that didn’t happen, of course. Instead, the Jays were the ones who got swept. Then, adding insult to injury, leadoff man Jose Reyes got hit in the nuts by a pickoff attempt.

Take a look:

Yep, that’s pretty much what the season has been like for the Blue Jays.

But hey, at least they still have this guy.