Red Sox Fan Catches Ball in Beer, Commits Grave Party Foul by Letting Dude Next to Her Chug It (GIF)

red sox fan catches ball in beer then chugs

When you catch a foul ball in your beer, you have to chug it. Even Cubs fans know that. The odds of catching a foul ball at a game are slim, and the odds of having one land in your $9 beverage are almost nil. If you don’t chug that thing, you’re just asking for the baseball gods to smite you and your team.

Sadly, nobody told any of this to the Red Sox fan that was caught by ESPN’s cameras last night during the bottom of the third at Fenway. She caught the ball in her brew, but instead of drinking it herself, she shoved it in the face of the nearest male and let him do the honors.

It was a disgrace.

red sox fan catches ball in beer then chugs it

Sorry, Boston. Because of this woman, you’re going to have to go another 85 years without winning the World Series.

Hat Tip – [@cjzero]

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