The 10 Best-Selling NFL Jerseys Right Now

best-selling nfl jerseys right now

Back in December, when we last took a look at the best-selling player jerseys in the NFL, there were guys like Eli Manning, Andrew Luck, and even Tim Tebow in the top 10. Since then a lot has changed. Tebow is no longer a Jet, Eli Manning and the Giants failed to make the playoffs, and Andrew Luck was overshadowed by the strong performances of a few other young quarterbacks. For these reasons, the jersey sales from the past three months look a lot different than they did in December. Now there are five guys in the top ten who weren’t even in the top 15 before, and newbies take the top two spots.

So whose jerseys are selling the fastest right now? Well, since it’s mid-July and you are probably as desperate for some NFL talk as much as we are, let’s take a look…

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