Aaron Rodgers Probably Regrets Wagering His Salary On Ryan Braun’s Innocence

ryan braun and aaron rodgers 2

Green Bay Packers quarterback/State Farm pitchman Aaron Rodgers has become best buds with Ryan Braun in recent years. I don’t know if it’s because they look like brothers, or if it’s because they’re both sports icons in the state of Wisconsin, or if they just have some sort of spiritual connection, or what. But they bonded, and Braundgers has been seen hanging out together in a variety of locations.

So when Ryan Braun initially tested positive for increased levels of testosterone in 2011, Rodgers had his bro’s back. And not just in the, “I support him regardless of the outcome” kind of way, but in the, “shut your mouth, he didn’t use no roids, haters gonna hate” kind of way.

Why was Rodgers so confident? Probably because Braun told him he didn’t use PEDs, and he believed his friend. And that really sucks, because now Braun has basically (though not explicitly) admitted to using PEDs and accepted a 65-game suspension from Major League Baseball.

Meanwhile, Aaron Rodgers has to live with the fact that he tweeted this:

aaron rodgers defending ryan braun on twitter
And, worse still, this:

aaron rodgers defending ryan braun on twitter 2
Congratulations, Todd Sutton. Aaron Rodgers owes you $4.5 million. I assume the check is in the mail.

Hat Tip – [Shutdown Corner]

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