The 13 MLB Teams Paying Over $100K a Day to Injured Players

what MLB teams are paying for injured players

Injuries have always been a part of baseball. However, astronomical salaries have not. Today’s MLB teams are faced with a decidedly modern problem: flushing tons of cash down the toilet on injured superstars with gigantic contracts. And never has this problem been more apparent than in 2013.

Of course, it’s not that the sum the league as a whole is paying to injured players is abnormally high. According to the New York Times, there are currently 164 players on the disabled list, accounting for $606,000,000, or 19% of the league’s entire payroll. When you consider that the 164 players makes up about 22% of the total players on the thirty 25-man rosters, 19% of payroll doesn’t sound too bad.

What makes 2013 interesting, however, is that a few teams—especially the Yankees—have a high number of extremely high-priced stars earning big bucks on the disabled list. And this adds up to a staggering daily bill for players that can’t even play.

Want to see exactly what the most-injured teams are paying to guys on the DL? Then click on the arrows and we’ll get started…


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