Here’s Your Buddy Comedy of the Summer, Starring the Texas Rangers’ Adrian Beltre and Elvis Andrus (Video)

elvis andrus and adrian beltre smooching

Looking for a good buddy comedy this summer? Try watching Texas Rangers games. Third baseman Adrian Beltre and shortstop Elvis Andrus are pretty much baseball’s answer to Jack Lemon and Tony Curtis, or Steve Martin and John Candy, or at least Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn.

Speaking of which, did you see The Internship, a.k.a. Wedding Crashers 2? Man, was that disappointing.

But I digress. Beltre and Adrus, partners on the left side of the Rangers infield, are also quite often partners in crime as well. They’ve become really good buddies over the last several seasons in Arlington and have a very playful rapport. Now the good folks over at have put together a little montage of Elvis & Adrian’s greatest hits.

Take a look:

Seriously, these guys could get a movie deal out of this. They make movies out of pretty much anything these days (like Grumpy Cat).  Of course, they’d have to change things a little bit. Like, they’d have to make one of them a nerdy white guy and one of them a cool black guy, because everyone knows that kind of thing is hilarious.

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