Aussie Football Player Was Taking Gibberish to Reporter After Taking Massive Blow to the Head (Video)

dylan robertson australian football sideline interview concussion

Sports teams perform a variety of tests on players to determine if they have a concussion. In the NFL, for example, they inquire about a whole list of symptoms, then ask a bunch of questions, such as “What month is it?”, “What is the day of the week?”, and “What year is it?” And after that, they ask them if they can repeat a list of words (elbow, apple, carpet, saddle, bubble), or repeat a string of numbers in reverse order.

However, you don’t always need such advanced concussion screening. Sometimes you just have to let the guy talk.

Such was the case recently with Australian Football League player Dylan Robertson of the St. Kilda Saints. A few minutes after getting smashed in the head by Port Adelaide’s Tom Jonas—a hit that earned Jonas a three-match suspension—Robertson tried to give an interview with a sideline reporter and just talked a bunch of nonsense.

Here’s the hit:

And here’s Robertson talking gibberish:

Yep, there’s your concussion test right there, boys.

Hat Tip – [Big Lead]

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