Dodger Stadium Introduces Frozen Beer Foam, the Greatest Invention in the History of Baseball (Video)

frozen beer foam

Last year, Japanese brewing giant Kirin announced possibly the greatest invention in human history: the frozen beer foam maker.

In case you’re wondering, a frozen beer foam maker is exactly what it sounds like—a machine that makes frozen beer foam. But the more important question you might be asking right now is, “what the hell do you do with frozen beer foam?” And the answer is simple: you float it on top of a regular non-frozen beer to keep that baby ice cold.

According to Kiran, topping a cold one off with their icy beer fluff will insulate the beverage and keep it downright frosty for up to 30 minutes, but without watering it down like ice cubes would. That makes it absolutely perfect for places where people want to enjoy cold beers under the hot summer sun—you know, places like baseball stadiums.

Enter the Los Angeles Dodgers. These geniuses understand that nothing goes together better than cold beer and baseball, so they’ve installed the Kirian BeerFoam-O-Matic 5000 (not actual product name) in Dodger Stadium, and the lucky bastards over at FoodBeast were the first to review the greatest ballpark delicacy of all-time.

Take a look:

Thank you, Kirin. The world is now a better place.

Hat Tip – [FoodBeast]

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