Fan Runs Onto Field at Giants Game, Security Tackles Him and Crushes His Face (Video)

fan on field roughed up by security at at&t park

It has not been a very good year for fans of the San Francisco Giants. Injuries to pitchers Ryan Vogelsong and Jeremy Affeldt as well as center fielder Angel Pagan have left the roster thin, and down years from former aces Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum have all but sunk their hopes of repeating as World Series champs. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Giants’ arch rivals, have taken over first place in the NL West, and the Cincinnati Reds are in town smacking the Giants’ pitching around like feral cats playing with dead mice.

So yeah, it’s not a great season for fans of the G-Men. And on Monday night, while watching their team get pounded 11-0 by the aforementioned Reds, two of these fans decided to take matters into their own hands by running out onto the field at AT&T Park.

The first one, a young blond dude, ran along the warning track in right field. The second one, a young woman in an orange and black tutu and high orange socks, took advantage of the preoccupied security and made it all the way to the infield.

I have no idea if the two of them were in this thing together, but either way the woman definitely owes the man a beer or something. The security staff at AT&T Park definitely took every last bit of their frustration out on the dude, taking him down hard and driving his face into the dirt with elbows and knees.

Take a look:

I’m not so sure that level of force was necessary, and I’m pretty sure they never would have done that to the woman. But of course, having some guy kneel on your neck is the risk you take when you run out on the field at a baseball game.

Hat Tip – [Daily News]

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