Tennessee Titans Rookie Jonathan “Tig” Willard Rescues Family From Burning Car

Tig Willard Rescues Family From Burning Car

Jonathan “Tig” Willard probably thought the most noteworthy thing he would do this summer was get signed as an undrafted rookie by the Tennessee Titans. But then, on his way from South Carolina to the Titans’ training camp, he came across a burning car on Interstate 40, so he stopped and rescued the family inside!

According to Willard, it went down like this: “I saw this car in front of me, and it had all kinds of black smoke coming out of it. I tried to speed up and get up next to the car to let them know the car was on fire.”

And it’s a good thing he did, because by the time Willard and another passerby managed to get everyone out of the car, it was completely engulfed in flames. Nice work, Tig.

You can listen to Tig Willard talking about his exciting feat in the video below. What a guy!

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