It’s a Miracle Florida State Tight End Nick O’Leary Is Not Dead After this Insane Motorcycle Crash (Video)

nick o'leary motorcycle crash

Back in May, Nick O’Leary, the grandson of golf legend Jack Nicklaus and the starting tight end for the Florida State Seminoles football team, was involved in a traffic collision in Tallahassee. This became public knowledge not long after the fact, along with the news that O’Leary escaped without serious injury. Then, in July, Seminoles coach Jimbo Fisher addressed the situation, saying “he wrecked that daggone scooter and was banged up for about a month,” but added that he now “looks very good.”

What nobody really knew at the time, however, and what Fisher’s comments didn’t really bring to light, was that this wasn’t just some minor traffic collision. And O’Leary most definitely was not riding a scooter. He was riding a motorcycle. And when a Lexus pulled out in front of him illegally, his motorcycle smashed into the front of it, shattered into pieces, and slammed into a city bus that was parked at a bus stop in the opposite lane. O’Leary, meanwhile, was ejected over the car and sent skidding along the pavement for 75-100 feet.

If you don’t think it’s a miracle that O’Leary is alive from that description, just watch the video. It was captured by the aforementioned bus.

This whole story was dug up by Bud Elliott at Tomahawk Nation, who submitted public records requests for the police report and the bus security camera footage. And as he pointed out, there’s actually a second little miracle in this video.

Did you see that kid getting off the bus at the 0:04 mark? Well, he was going to get his bike off the rack in the front of the bus. If he had stepped off the bus just two or three seconds earlier, he surely would have been killed by the motorcycle debris.

Hat Tip – [Tomahawk Nation]

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