21 Awesome NFL Training Camp Hazing Hairdos

nfl training camp hazing hairdos

NFL training camps are now underway, which means you die-hard football fans will be rescued from the baseball-only hell that is summer in just six short weeks. As for me, well, I love baseball, so I don’t mind summer at all. But I also love me some NFL, and ever since I got out of high school I’ve looked forward to the beginning of September and the return of our gridiron gladiators.

However, before we all get caught up in the important issues—like whether RG3’s knee will hold up, or who’s going to replace Rex Ryan after he is fired in week three—let’s take a few minutes to enjoy the lighter side of NFL training camps. I am talking, of course, about the rookie hazing, and in particular about the tradition of giving rookies absurd haircuts.

Today we present you with 21 awesome examples of this phenomenon. They won’t help you win your fantasy football league, but they’re still worth a few minutes of your time.

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