Anaheim Pitcher Dane De La Rosa Played ‘Angel in the Outfield’ to Injured Pigeon in Oakland Last Night (Video)

angels pitcher saves pigeon

Ever since Randy Johnson vaporized a bird with one of his fastballs at a spring training game in 2001, birds and pitchers have had strained relationships. However, last night in Oakland, L.A. Angels relief pitcher Dane De La Rose decided to take a very important step in healing this long-standing rift.

In the bottom of the third inning, Dane noticed a little injured pigeon cowering near the wall out in left field. And being the animal lover that he is (note: I have no idea if he’s really an animal lover), he decided something had to be done. Which you’d think means he’d call stadium security, or animal control or something.  But nope, he scooped the thing up in his hands and carried him from the bullpen all the way into the Angels clubhouse.

Take a look:

Of course, we don’t know what ended up happening to the bird. For all we know he took it to the Athletics clubhouse and Bartolo Colon ate it for a mid-inning snack. But it sure looked like De La Rosa had the best of intentions.


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