Nasty Soccer Fan Brawl Erupts During USA-El Salvador Gold Cup Match (Video)

fan brawl at gold cup match

The United States national soccer team may not be feared by the world’s great soccer powers on the international stage, but their fans probably should be. They can definitely hold their own when it comes to the quintessential soccer fan activity: brawling.

This past Sunday in Baltimore, where the USA was taking on El Salvador in the CONCACAF Gold Cup, there was a pretty crazy fight up in the stands between fans of the home and visiting teams. It all started like a typical fan skirmish, with mostly a bunch of shoving and pulling on shirts. However, things really escalate at the 0:32 mark, when a very portly El Salvador fan runs into the frame and socks a very portly USA fan, sending him flying down two rows of seats. Then, when two more portly Americans try to retaliate, they’re held at bay by a shirtless El Salvador man using his belt as a whip.

Take a look:

Yep, that escalated quickly. We’re just lucky nobody had a trident.

brick killed a guy with a trident

that escalated quickly (anchorman) gif

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