Watch U.S. Airman Nathaniel Mills Throw Down a Sweet Windmill Dunk in Full Fatigues and Combat Boots (Video)

army guy dunks in uniform

Your standard issue military fatigues and combat boots have come a long way. Today they are more comfortable for the good men and women who wear them than they have ever been before. That said, they’re designed for battle, not basketball. So you wouldn’t necessarily expect a member of the United States Air Force to be able to, say, throw down a badass windmill dunk in them. They’re kind of restrictive, and the boots don’t have a lot of spring in them.

Nevertheless, that’s exactly what Airman Nathan Mills did at yesterday’s USA Basketball Showcase in Las Vegas. During one of the exhibition game’s TV timeouts, Mills came out onto the floor in full uniform, took the ball, and performed a jam that would have fit right in at a slam dunk contest.

NBA scoring champ Carmelo Anthony was certainly impressed. Take a look:

So now the Air Force has produced this guy, and the Navy has produced David Robinson. What has the Army or Marine Corps ever done for basketball? I think it’s time for an inter-force dunk contest to see which branch of the military really is the best.

Hat Tip – [Ball Don’t Lie]

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