Arena Football Player Scores Touchdown, Celebrates By Getting Hit With ‘Rock Bottom’ (Video)

rock bottom touchdown celebration

Seeing football players use touchdown celebrations to honor other popular celebrities and athletes is certainly nothing new.  Arland Bruce used a touchdown celebration to honor the late Michael Jackson back in 2009, while one peewee footballer did the same more recently to show some love for his favorite current NFLer, DeSean Jackson.

As for the latest instance of the above, it came during an Arena Football League game between the Utah Blaze and the Cleveland Gladiators, as the Blaze’s LaVaughn Macon celebrated a kick return for a touchdown by getting hit with a “Rock Bottom,” which is a wrestling maneuver made famous by none other than the 10-time WWE heavyweight champion, The Rock.

Check it out:

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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