David Ortiz Smashes Dugout Phone to Pieces With a Bat, Gets Ejected (Videos)

david ortiz smashing dugout phone

This weekend baseball fans saw the best and worst of David Ortiz. One day he was going berserk and smashing things; the next he was cutting up and making fun of himself.

On Saturday night in Baltimore, with the Red Sox down 7-2 with nobody out in the top of the 7th, the Boston DH worked a 3-0 count against Baltimore pitcher Jairo Asencio, and he thought he’d earned a free pass to first base on the next pitch. However, much to Ortiz’s surprise, it was called strike one instead of ball four. And after Ortiz struck out swinging two pitches later, he had some words with home plate umpire Tim Timmons.

Was the call on that 3-0 pitch wrong? Sure it was. And Timmons probably realized that, which is why he didn’t eject Ortiz for showing him up while heading back to the dugout.

However, Timmons had no choice but to eject Big Papi after he walked down the steps and used his bat to destroy the dugout phone.

Take a look:

Yep, that’s going to get you ejected every time.

Of course, with most players on most teams, things might be a little awkward in the dugout the next day. But that’s rarely the case with Big Papi and the Red Sox. Before Sunday’s rubber match against the O’s, Jonny Gomes and Ryan Dempster went out and rigged up a new, decidedly low-tech Papi-proof phone system:

Then, after Ortiz hit a home run on Sunday, he poked a little fun at himself and threatened the dugout phone with his bat again:

The Rays may be hot on Boston’s tail in the AL East standings, but the Red Sox certainly aren’t looking very tight, are they?

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