Johnny Manziel Got Kicked Out of a University of Texas Frat Party (Video)

Johnny Manziel kicked out of texas frat party

For some reason, lots of sportswriters and talk radio blowhards—a group of folks who do everything in moderation and have never made any mistakes—are making a big deal out of the social life of Johnny Manziel. He got sent home from the Manning football camp because he slept through some morning meetings, and all of a sudden people are saying he parties too much—because, you know, he’s the first college student in history to ever party a little too hard and oversleep for something.

Is his recent behavior what you would call “mature”? No, of course not. But why should it be? The dude is 20 years old, he lives in Texas, and his nickname is Johnny Football. Isn’t a little youthful indiscretion to be expected?

In any case, you know who’s not worried about all the criticism? Manziel himself. The guy isn’t letting the comparisons to Tim Tebow keep him from enjoying his rock star status. And over the weekend he gave a big metaphorical finger to his critics by partying hard at the University of Texas.

Here’s the Aggies quarterback getting kicked out of a Longhorns frat party, because Longhorns fans don’t care if he did win the Heisman:

And here is Manziel partying again the next day. And, wait, what’s that he’s wearing? A New York Jets Tebow jersey? Oh yeah it is:

johnny manziel partying in Tebow jersey

So let’s see. Partying at a rival school, in a Tebow jersey? I could be wrong, but I think Johnny Football’s message to his critics is “go f*ck yourselves.”

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